Easter Eggs

Exciting Hatch at ALP Sittingbourne: 7 Chicks Join Our Community!

On the sunny morning of Tuesday 23rd April, a flutter of anticipation filled the air at ALP Sittingbourne as we welcomed a clutch of eight eggs to our learning sanctuary. It was a moment of pure delight and wonder for our community, eagerly awaiting the arrival of new life within our walls.

Overnight, as if by magic, seven of those eggs cracked open to reveal the adorable fluffy chicks within. It was a sight that brought smiles to the faces of our learners and staff alike, filling our space with the chirps of new beginnings and boundless possibilities.

Since their arrival, our learners have been enchanted by the gentle presence of these newfound companions. From tender cuddles to quiet observations, each interaction is filled with curiosity and joy. It’s a precious opportunity for hands-on learning and empathy-building, as our students eagerly await the chance to nurture and watch these chicks grow.

As the days unfold, we’re excited to embark on this journey of growth and discovery together. Stay tuned as we share updates on the progress of our feathered friends, documenting their milestones and adventures along the way. Together, we’ll witness the wonders of nature and the magic of new life in our midst.

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the latest updates on our adorable chicks and their journey with us!