Jennifer Thomason

Foreword from the Head Teacher

At ALP Sittingbourne our mission is to provide outstanding, rich, holistic, flexible, individualised programmes of learning support for young people. We want to ensure our learners experience the feeling of success and develop self-confidence in what they ‘can do’. 

All our learners have the support and personal tools they require to achieve their full academic potential and personal, social development. As a school we are highly ambitious and aim to move our learners to the highest level of qualification they are able to achieve.

We aim to provide daily educational experiences that encourage young people, who have had difficult educational journeys, to come and be part of something special. To ensure we are able to maintain a positive learning environment we plan ahead carefully, whilst also taking one day at a time, working hard as a team to mould our offer to meet the needs of the individual.

We care about and support young people who face challenges, we celebrate the achievements of our learners and guide them daily towards their long term outcomes. We are committed to working in partnership with our learners, their parents/carers and external agencies, maintaining good lines of communication at all times for the best interest of the young person. 

Jennifer Thomason

Head Teacher