Our vision is to be an exceptional provider of SEN focussed education with all learners making outstanding progress academically and socially.

In order to achieve this vision, our key goals are:

  • to have a bespoke, impactful and well implemented curriculum resulting in demonstrable academic progress and social development.
  • build effective partnerships with schools, businesses and parents to further develop our learners future prospects.
  • grow a therapeutic ethos that allows communication and personal development to thrive.

Our Curriculum aims to develop the 5 core principles of positive behaviour and action in everyone.

We look after Ourselves: This part of our curriculum focuses on equipping learners with the skills they need to become healthy and independent individuals able to care for themselves. Learners are introduced to ways in which they can reflect on their own personal development and how their personal skills, abilities and behaviours can be improved. They learn different ways in which they can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and are encouraged to demonstrate activities which will improve their own lifestyle. They also begin to understand food and its functions in the body and learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals using basic skills. Attendance in PE is promoted to encourage an active lifestyle, improve self-esteem and social skills and increase competency in gross motor skills. Learners can also participate in wellbeing sessions to help them better manage their emotions and behaviour and consequently become more authentic and independent.

We look after each Other: Learners achieve more when they learn to care for each other. Hence this part of our curriculum aims to help learners understand how to safely provide support to others, including knowing what they can and cannot do to support others and why. They also develop skills and behaviours needed to lead others and work as part of a team. They will participate in organising events over the year linked to charities and in the planning and running of an enterprise activity within the school.

We look after our Learning: We have very high expectations of our learners and strongly believe that they should gain the relevant currency which they will need to participate fully in today’s rapidly changing society. As such, learners are expected to achieve a minimum of 5 nationally accredited qualifications (including English and Maths) at Entry Level or Level 1, by the end of Year 10. By the end of Year 11, they are expected to further gain a minimum of 5 more qualifications at Level 1-2. They are also incentivised to develop a love of reading as well as positive behaviours for learning.

We look after our School, Community and World: This part of our curriculum encourages pupils to care for our school community. They also begin to develop an awareness of their local community and gain the skills and confidence to use various local services and facilities. They will learn about the changing nature of society in the UK by engaging in the enrichment calendar of events. They will also develop an awareness of how to take responsibility for their environment by identifying environmental issues and how they can go about helping the environment through our work within our outside spaces.

We look after our Futures: Learners will be introduced to the basic elements of managing their personal finances, encouraging them to prepare a personal budget and to carry out transactions capably. They will also develop problem solving skills to help them to tackle problems in their daily lives. Through our unique Careers pathway, learners will be gradually exposed to careers information to help them develop career awareness and assist them in making informed choices about their future, this begins within our primary cohort. At KS4, they understand why certain mindset qualities are attractive to employers and participate in work experience to enable them to see for themselves, what working in different careers could be like. We expect that they apply and gain a post 16 education or apprenticeship place of their choice before they leave us.